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AntwerPiano International Competition · 2020
4-6 November 2020


1st Round Max. duration 20 min.

1. One Prelude and Fugue by J.S.Bach

2. Two virtuoso etudes:

a) one etude by F.Chopin, excluding op.10 no.3,6 and op25 no.7

b) one etude by F.Liszt, S.Rachmaninov, C.Debussy, A.Scriabin, S.Prokofiev or I.Stravinsky

3. 1st movement of classical sonata by J.Haydn, W.A.Mozart, M.Clementi or L. van Beethoven

4. If time permits, a work of candidate’s choice

Final Round Max. duration 45 min.

1. Three compulsory pieces from “Childhood Memories” by Alexey Shor

2. One major composition or group of compositions by F.Schubert, R.Schumann, F.Chopin, F.Mendelssohn, F.Liszt, J.Brahms, P.Tchaikovsky, S.Rachmaninov, M.Ravel, N.Medtner, A.Skriabin, K.Szimanowsky and S.Prokofiev.

3. A work of free choice by the candidate, being different in style from the work chosen in paragraph 2, not exceeding the overall time limit.

SPECIAL NOTE: All pieces in 1st and Final round must be performed by memory